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Florida Board of Dentistry

Florida Board of Dentistry - Get a level 2 background check for the Florida Board of Dentistry. Schedule a fingerprinting appointment today with Go Fingerprinting.

Florida Board of Dentistry

Florida Board of Dentistry Fingerprinting Services at Go Fingerprinting & Notary

Embarking on your dental career in Florida requires completing crucial steps, one of which is obtaining your Livescan fingerprints for the Florida Board of Dentistry. Go Fingerprinting & Notary in Port Orange, FL, offers comprehensive FDLE-approved Livescan fingerprinting services tailored for dental professionals.

Please bring the ORI number EDOH4560Z to ensure your fingerprinting results are accurately routed to the Florida Board of Dentistry.

Why Go Fingerprinting & Notary is Your First Choice:

  • Compliant with FDLE Standards: Our Livescan fingerprinting service meets all the criteria for the Florida Board of Dentistry, facilitating a smooth licensure process.

  • Advanced Livescan Technology: We provide quick, accurate fingerprinting with the latest technology, essential for your professional licensing requirements.

  • Full Suite of Services: Not only do we offer Livescan fingerprinting, but we also provide mobile fingerprinting services (check availability), ink fingerprinting, and notary services right from our convenient Port Orange location.

  • Trusted by Dental Professionals: Our reputation for meticulous service has made us a favorite among dental professionals who appreciate our efficient and reliable fingerprinting process.

Scheduling Your Appointment is Easy

To book your fingerprinting service for the Florida Board of Dentistry, just give us a call or send a text to 386-999-3975. Our expert staff is on hand to help you schedule your appointment and answer any questions you have about the process.

Come See Us At:

Go Fingerprinting & Notary

6274 Palm Vista St

Port Orange, FL 32128

Go Fingerprinting & Notary is committed to assisting you on your journey to becoming a licensed dental professional in Florida. We take pride in providing a hassle-free fingerprinting experience that meets the high standards of the Florida Board of Dentistry.

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