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Division of Emergency Management

Division of Emergency Management - Get a level 2 background check for the Division of Emergency Management. Schedule a fingerprinting appointment today with Go Fingerprinting.

Division of Emergency Management

Division of Emergency Management Fingerprinting Services at Go Fingerprinting & Notary

At Go Fingerprinting & Notary, located in the supportive community of Port Orange, FL, we understand the importance of quick and precise Livescan fingerprinting for professionals involved with the Division of Emergency Management. Our FDLE-approved Livescan services are designed to comply with the stringent background check requirements necessary for emergency management personnel.

Key Information for Emergency Management Professionals:

When you come to Go Fingerprinting & Notary for your fingerprinting services, make sure to bring the correct ORI number specific to the Division of Emergency Management to ensure your results are properly processed.

Why Professionals Choose Us:

  • FDLE Authorized: We are certified to handle Livescan fingerprint submissions for all professions mandated to undergo background checks in the state of Florida.

  • Precision and Reliability: Utilize our state-of-the-art Livescan technology for accurate fingerprinting, contributing to a seamless background verification process.

  • Service Flexibility: Benefit from our comprehensive services including mobile fingerprinting options (subject to availability), ink fingerprinting, and notary services – all under one roof.

  • Customer Trust: Our dedication to excellent service and attention to detail is echoed in our customer feedback. Professionals in emergency management and beyond trust us for their fingerprinting needs.

Schedule Your Appointment

To arrange your Livescan fingerprinting appointment, please reach out to us by calling or texting 386-999-3975. Our knowledgeable staff is equipped to guide you through the fingerprinting process, ensuring that you meet all the requirements for the Division of Emergency Management background checks with ease.

Our Location:

Go Fingerprinting & Notary

6274 Palm Vista St

Port Orange, FL 32128

We're here to support you in fulfilling your professional requirements with efficiency and reliability. Trust Go Fingerprinting & Notary for all your fingerprinting needs, and experience service that meets the high standards of the Division of Emergency Management.

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