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Department of Financial Services

Department of Financial Services - Get a level 2 background check for the Department of Financial Services. Schedule a fingerprinting appointment today with Go Fingerprinting.

Department of Financial Services

Florida Department of Financial Services Fingerprinting Process

For professionals seeking to fulfill the fingerprinting requirements for the Florida Department of Financial Services, it is essential to follow the designated procedure to ensure the proper processing of your background checks. Please be informed that Go Fingerprinting & Notary is not able to assist with fingerprinting for this particular department. Instead, you must utilize the services of IdentoGO by Idemia, formerly known as MorphoTrust USA.

How to Get Fingerprinted with IdentoGO by Idemia:

  1. Registration: Begin by registering for fingerprinting services through IdentoGO by Idemia’s website. This is a mandatory step to schedule your fingerprinting appointment.

  2. Payment: The fingerprinting fee is $50.75, plus any applicable local Florida county sales tax. This payment will be made directly to IdentoGO by Idemia during the registration process.

  3. LiveScan Fingerprinting: After completing your registration and payment, you will need to submit your fingerprints electronically via LiveScan. IdentoGO will provide you with a list of LiveScan locations where you can have your fingerprints captured.

  4. Submission to FDLE: Once your fingerprints are captured, IdentoGO by Idemia submits them electronically to the Florida Department of Law Enforcement (FDLE).

  5. Results to DFS: FDLE then sends the results of your fingerprint-based criminal history check to the Florida Department of Financial Services electronically. Please note that IdentoGO by Idemia does not have access to your fingerprint-based criminal history results.

In Case of Illegible Fingerprints:

  • If your initial fingerprint submission is deemed illegible, IdentoGO by Idemia will allow you to undergo a second LiveScan fingerprinting session free of charge, provided it is within 90 days of the original submission.

  • Should the second set of fingerprints also be illegible, you will not be required to submit a third set. At this point, the Bureau of Licensing will perform a name-based check with the FBI, which may take up to 45 days to process.

After Fingerprinting:

Once your fingerprinting and application review are complete, you will be notified by the Florida Department of Financial Services regarding the status of your license or registration. Communication will be sent to you via email and updates will be posted in your MyProfile account with the department.

For more information on the fingerprinting process and to begin your registration, please visit the official IdentoGO by Idemia website. Following the steps outlined by IdentoGO will ensure a smooth process toward obtaining your license or registration with the Florida Department of Financial Services.

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